Tuesday, 13 January 2015

 °    Shanghai officials dined at upscale Bund restaurant hours before stampede: Report  Image via dianping.com Officials from Shanghai's Huangpu district government were dining at a high-end restaurant near the site of the New Year's Eve stampede on the Bund just hours before the tragedy broke out, according to local news reports, which are now making the rounds on Chinese social media. The officials had dinner at an exclusive restaurant specializing in Japanese food, Sina News reports. The eatery only has four private rooms, and customers can choose from set meal packages priced at 1,888 RMB, 2,888 RMB or 3,888 RMB per person.  Image via dianping.com A "kaiseki ryori" eatery called Kongchan has been identified as the restaurant by news portal dongping.com, which published a number of images showing the establishment's lush interior. The restaurant is owned by a district-linked company called the Huangpu International Business Corporation, according to the Sina report. When senior district officials eat here, all they need to do is to sign their name on the dotted line and the payment will be taken care of, the report added.  Image via dianping.com A restaurant employee cited by Sina News said the rooms were booked before New Year's Eve but didn't confirm whether the officials were there that night.  Image via dianping.com  Image via dianping.com  Image via dianping.com  Image via dianping.com  height="426" alt="Government-Dinner-11.jpeg"/> Image via dianping.com  Image via dianping.com  Image via dianping.com  Image via dianping.com  Image via dianping.com Details of the officials' luxurious multi-course meal have been making waves on the web, and in the heat of China's anti-extravagance campaign, has netizens questioning who paid for the pricy dishes. By Luke Sun [Images from Sina news via BjNews] Contact the author of this article or email tips@shanghaiist.com with further questions, comments or tips. By Shanghaiist in News on Jan 13, 2015 4:00 PM  corruption huangpu local luxurious officials restaurants shanghai stampede stampede OTHER INTERESTING STORIES  In showing off its new toys, China isn't playing… Nikkei Asian review  MACAU – A day of high life in Macau TTGmice  World’s Shortest A380 Route Launched Global Traveler Magazine  Flying High: What's Hot in Luxury Air Travel Learnist  The Oldest Animals That Ever Lived Learnist  Celeb Chefs Dub These 3 Airplane Meals "Best In… Food Republic   Home © 2003-2011 Gothamist LLC. All rights reserved. Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. 

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